Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Journal: Monday 29 June 2009

I lingered in bed this morning enjoying the coolness of the night before. We headed off to Soup Dragon for a late breakfast of the usual: noodle soup and iced coffee.

Next it was off to the post office to check if I had received any mail. Two postcards and a birthday card for Da that he never picked up (since November!). Then it was off to the bank to check if they had my ATM card yet.

When they finally found my card there was a problem. Apparently the picture on the back of the card was only half developed. This meant I needed to wait until Thursday for them to send a better one. More delays! So, we took off around the corner to Common Grounds.

No sooner did we sit down and I received a call from the bank. They had my new card already. I guess they hadn’t looked hard enough for the other one. Off I went to pick up my ATM card and sign it out. Now I’m back in business.

While waiting in the bank, the owner of Angkor Mondial restaurant came in. I wasn’t sure it was her, but she turned around and noticed me. She was very happy to see me and said that her children had missed me too. I had tutored she and her husband for several months when I first lived in Cambodia. They are a very sweet and well-connected family. Originally they ran a water-bottling company, but then built the restaurant. I used to go there for dinner on occasion because I would get a cheaper price plus the Apsara dance show.

Anyhow, she invited me for dinner tonight with the family. It will be great to see everyone again, and have a free dinner.

I also have lunch plans, too. My friends Maria and Adele invited me for lunch today. Once I got back from the bank I received a message from Maria with the invitation. We had seen each other at the service on Sunday night, but were too busy chatting to connect.

So, a brief hour or so at the café for some quick internet time, then it was off to Mollopor Café for lunch with Maria, Adele and Jane. I had the fried beef with Japanese sauce and rice, along with a cashew nut shake. Yummy! We had a great time catching up and chatting about things only the gals will chat about.

Back to the café for more internet. I actually did some work for Heritage Watch today by organizing some of the contacts and developing a list of new businesses to contact.

Dinner at Angkor Mondial was interesting. The owner’s wife had already eaten dinner and her children were at Chinese school. So I was encouraged to grab some buffet for myself and ate while sitting across from her and attempting a conversation.

A lot of the conversation focused on the poor economy and slow business lately. Not enough tourists and tour companies not paying their bills. Her sister had moved to Australia. Her husband was in Phnom Penh to look for a place to open another restaurant. The daughter studied at the local international school while the son still studied in a Khmer school in addition to ACE.

Needless to say, I enjoyed my dinner. They always have good food there. Although I was a little bugged by the manager following me around the buffet, watching me like a hawk. What was his problem? Did he think I was going to steal the silver? Just weird.

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