Thursday, April 24, 2008

Travel, Wait, Work, Interview,...

Did I really return from Cambodia on April 7? My first 2 weeks back was spent sitting around waiting for something to happen. I sent out resumes (only one responded last week and it's part-time). I contacted the temp agency. I cooked. I sent out a grad application.

Now I am working (thanks to a job by the temp agency). I have an interview for that part-time job (a driver's training instructor). I met up with my undergraduate advisor re: the grad program and was recommended to do another program (which I was actually thinking about instead). I got a parking ticket for letting the meter run out (I thought it was more important to speak to the dept chair about something than dash off).

I'd like to get a puppy. The current dog is not all that exciting and I think I'd like my own dog. I need to exercise but just don't feel like it (ever).