Sunday, May 18, 2008

Royal Crown Revue - LIVE!!!

I just saw Royal Crown Revue in concert last night for FREE! Yeehaw! I just so happened to be temping at a radio station when the program director commented that he had tickets to RCR but had so many free tickets for other events that there was no time to give these away. I was shocked and when he asked if I was interested, I was so thrilled. The concert was only a few days away.

I took an old high school friend. She had invited me to a concert and so I treated her right back. The concert was held at Downtown Brew (formerly SLO Brew). It wasn't a huge location, but just intimate enough.

The Hydramatics opened the show at around 9pm. They were an excellent all around band: a little swing, a little rockabilly, a little country. . .

But, RCR was truly rockin'! There were real swing dancers mixing it up on the floor. And a few not so talented dancers attempting: the "matador" & the "flip-flop girl". Named for their style of dancing. The matador had some smooth moves but a lot of it look a bit like a poor paso doble. Flip-flop girl was wearing flip-flops with a little black dress and danced as if she had imbibed too much. He was flinging her all over the place and she was either landing on the floor or in the audience. The real swing dancers just danced away.

Overall, an awesome night. Even saw another old high school friend who I took a Spanish class with and we enjoyed humming favorite songs and making fun of New Kids on the Block. Oh, oh, ooohooohoooh. Oh, oh, oohooh. The right stuff!