Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Recipe: Fried Beetles

How to make fried beetles:
Boat races at the Siem Reap Water Festival Nov 4-5 2006
Boat Races at the Siem Reap Water Festival

1. Collect fresh squirming diving beetles either from your recently harvested rice paddy, or from a neighbor who senttheir children to go frolicking in the field for a fresh catch.

2. Bring your bag of wriggling beetles back home to be rinsed.

3. Place in a large wok (legs and all) with water over a high burning wood fire. Stir continuously while the beetles are attempting to crawl out so that they are evening scalded and stop moving.

4. Continue stirring until the water is evaporated, then add oil to fry them up nice and crispy. Keep frying until the fire dies out. Season as desired with MSG, salt or fried garlic.

Serve with rice.

Eating instructions
Pull off the legs and tear off the outer shell of fused wings. Pop into your mouth and crunch down with delight! Yummy!

Great as a side dish or afternoon snack!