Sunday, October 25, 2009

T-shirts & School Supplies to Villagers!

In September, just before I left Cambodia, I took the opportunity to deliver two-thirds of my collection of T-shirts, school supplies and hygiene products to two villages.

A Couch Surfer gladly joined us on our mission and had a blast helping pick out just the right styles for each boy and girl. I just wish we had more to give out!
Wearing her smart little shirt
Showing off his goodies
It's a blast to be giving to others who need it more than you do!
Kat had such a great time making a difference for these beautiful girls
Ready for school!
Showing off the T-shirts for her and her daughter
Looking good in their bright new T-shirts and jeans
Thumbs up for making their day!

If you want to be part of next year's delivery of T-shirts and such, just let me know. I am starting a collection now of the following:
  • Children's T-shirts up to size X-Large (boys, girls or unisex)
  • Adult T-shirts up to size Small (men, women or unisex)
  • Hotel size shampoos and soaps
  • Toothbrushes (ask your dentist for free samples)
  • Combs (you can find bags of 12 at 99 cent and dollar stores)
  • Funds to pay for shipping (It costs about $54 for a Large Flat Rate box from the USPS that fits up to 20 T-shirts)
If you can help with any or all of the above, just let me know.

Email me at onlyincambodia [at] gmail [dot] com.