Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Horse head violin

Mongolian band "Ensemble Khan Bogd"

I head some music today that reminded me of my absolute most favorite instrument in the world: the horse head violin. This instrument is so moving. It takes you on a journey at full gallop across the expansive grasslands of Mongolia, or into the warmth of a family's yurt at dusk. From excitment to deep sorrow, all ranges of emotions can be touched upon.

I fondly remember my summer of 2002 spent in Inner Mongolia, the autonomous region in northern China. I felt I could have been a Mongolian in another life. I wish I could be more musicially talented to be able to play a horse head violin. Despite the lack of skill I will always remember the melodies I heard from the live musicians in that wondeful Mongolian night club in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.