Saturday, November 10, 2007

Think BIG

Since starting the Vision to Venture: Self-Employment Training course, I have been inspired to be an entrepreneur. I like envisioning new ideas. The tough part is finding a way to see them come to life.

I have a new interest in looking into Master's program at my alma mater, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. It's a Master's in Public Policy through the Political Science department. I was amazed to see the Liberal Arts college now offering master's programs. I suppose a lot has changed since graduating in 1998. I envision it being useful for my return plans to Cambodia. I loved to utilize it's training to be better able to find ways to assist in the development of the country.

A cool thing happend on Thursday night. I had contacted the Social Sciences club advisor since I had been active in the club when I was a student and I wanted to see if I could share about my experiences in Cambodia. Well there was a Thursday night live the next week which one of the professors would be talking about his time in Asia. Well wouldn't you know when I showed up and actually re-introduced myself to him I found out he had spent the last year in Cambodia doing research on poverty as it relates to economic development (or lack of). We had so much to talk about. I could have talked all night with him. It was so strange to be talking like a colleague with an old professor.

Do you know what his idea was in order to help alleviate the povert in the countryside? Pigs. Yep, raising pigs for sale. I was so floored. That's why I started the Pig Project last year. I'm excited about a future partnership to explore. Maybe a grant or research fellowship?

All I can say is: THINK BIG!!!