Giving Back

After spending 4+ years living and working in Cambodia, I discovered some small and big ways to give back to the communities I encountered.  Here are some of those ways:
  1. ConCERT Cambodia - Visit our partner in supporting Responsible Tourism in Siem Reap Province.  This is an excellent 1st step for anyone who is considering coming to Siem Reap or Cambodia to volunteer.
  2. 8 rules for “econ-travel” - A fascinating article on how to make a positive impact when you travel.
  3. How to be a Responsible Traveller in Cambodia -  If you're already in Siem Reap, this lists some things you can do if you feel guilty about the beggars on the street.
  4. The Would-Be-Donor and Budding-Do-Gooder's Code of Conduct - From Daniela Papi's "Lessons I Learned" blog.