Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Journal: Tuesday 30 June 2009

Breakfast at Soup Dragon. I tried to send some of my postcards this morning, but apparently my five dollar bill was too worn for the people there and they refused to take my money. Back to Common Grounds to use the internet. The same thing happened there. But, I wouldn’t take no for an answer with them as they had given me it for change the day before.

In the early afternoon we took off to go check out a piece of land that Da was interested in possibly buying. It wasn’t that impressive as it was a bit far on a rough road from the National Road 6, and there were no trees. I did not like it at all.

Before heading back to the house, I wanted to stop and buy some books to read since I had finished mine and Da was going back home early to take his dad to the pagoda for a meeting. I go through books so quickly when I have nothing else to do, so I found 3 which I thought could keep me occupied. Then I tossed in a DVD of Reservoir Dogs.

I spent the evening reading the Robert Ludlum book, The Holcroft Covenant. It’s a surprisingly good book so far. Da surprised me by coming back later in the evening with a TV. He got it hooked up but could only find a few channels. But, I managed to figure out how to configure all the channels and now there are more than 70 including my favorites of CNN, AXN and Discovery.

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