Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Journal: week in review

There really hasn't been a lot of exciting things happening. My life has become a redundancy. All days roll into one. My weekends are a time to veg out. The only day to sleep in is Sunday since every other day I have to be teaching at 6:00am.

Highs: Picking up postcards from the post office. Cool, rainy evenings. Meeting the occasional Couch Surfer. Homemade lunches or dinners. Milo + instant coffee in the morning. Watching House on AXN.

Lows: Early mornings. Heavy downpours. The occasional poorly-planned lesson. ANZ Royal Bank. Ants. Hot room at night. Having to find a motodop in the morning when Da couldn't pick me up (one morning I was 10 minutes late to class!).

Must-do's before I leave: Visit Angkor Wat and take some pictures since it's so green during the rainy season. Complete my research survey. Find some businesses to apply for Heritage Friendly status. Go shopping for rattan purses to bring back for my aunt's shop. Buy more palm leaf ornaments. Visit the villages to deliver the T-shirts, school supplies, and soaps that are being mailed. Eat more roasted bananas, and bananas in general.

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