Monday, July 27, 2009

Journal: week in review

Today is Tuesday. This past weekend was full of activities.

To start, I enjoyed a lovely Friday night with a dinner at Kampuccino on the riverside with two of the new teachers from ACE along with three Couch Surfers (1 from the US teaching in China, 1 from Sweden teaching in China, and 1 from China working in Shanghai). We enjoyed sharing our stories about life and teaching in China. One of the ACE teachers spend over seven years in China! He's glad to be in Cambodia.

Da and I spent all day Saturday at his parents' house. It was great to see his dad out of the hospital and looking well. We stayed all day because that evening we would be having Cambodian BBQ for dinner.

"Cambodian BBQ" originally posted by Cooking Momster

Cambodian BBQ is quite a bit different than Western style BBQ. They use a round tray with a mounded vent on the top that sits on top of a portable butane stove. The tray holds water where you put the vegetables to cook while you are grilling the meat on the mound. The grill portion is greased up with a combination of pork fat cubes and dabs of margarine. It's really fun and tasty! You enjoy the meat and veggies with a dipping sauce which varies according to who makes it. It's definitely a fun group meal.

After eating BBQ we headed back to town to meet the manager at the Angkor Night Market to discuss our contract for renting a stall to sell our daily tour packages. This will certainly be an undertaking, but I think we can be successful selling the individual daily tour packages to tourists who come to Siem Reap without any tour plans, particularly those on a budget. Additionally, we're hoping that our Cultural Heritage tours will be more appealing and hot buys!

Sunday was spent relaxing as I got to sleep in a little bit. This means I didn't have to be up at 5:30am to go to school. I laid around watching TV and finishing a book I was reading. My ideal way to spend a lazy day. Later in the afternoon we went to the International Fellowship, meeting one of the CSers there for the service.

Afterward, we arranged to have dinner at Moloppor Cafe along the riverside. I love their cashew nut shakes! At the end of our meal with the two CSers from China it started to rain. Eventually it began to pour so we moved upstairs (a place I had never known existed until now.) to enjoy a beer and peanuts until the rain subsided. The rain slowed enough, but it was still coming down.

Monday was a super full and crazy day that deserves its own post. Plus I need to download my pictures so that they can illustrate what I'm talking about.

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