Sunday, July 05, 2009

Journal: Friday 3 July 2009

The day was more or less the same as any other day. So no surprises here. Rounded the day off enjoying dinner with the two Couch Surfers in town, Magda and Yi.

We ate at a fairly inexpensive place called Angkor Famous in the Passageway behind Pub Street. Enjoyable conversation, then at about 9pm Magda was tired from her day of bicycling around the temples, so we took off for the guesthouse.

Upon arriving she wanted to return the bicycle that she rented, but the person who took care of it was nowhere to be found and the other people there couldn’t speak enough English to really be of any help. After waiting for some minutes, the guy finally showed up and she was able to get her deposit and driving license back. Meanwhile, Da had driven Yi back to his guesthouse before coming back to pick me up.

Off to the house and time for a shower and bed.

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