Saturday, July 11, 2009

A good laundry day

The only good thing about heat without rain during the rainy season is that you can do your laundry knowing that it will dry without the threat of rain.

I think it's been 4 days without any rain now. Where has it gone? I need the rain to cool it off in the evenings. Sleeping on a hot bed even with no sheets is no fun.

On the other hand, the sunny, breezy days allowed me to put freshly cleaned sheets and pillowcases on the bed.

Maybe I will celebrate by making popcorn tonight. I went to Angkor Market with only two items on my list but came out with two bags full. The two items? toothpicks and popcorn kernels. What I came out with: toothpicks, popcorn kernels, corn flakes, kitchen sponges, 1.5 liters of Coke, a bag of 12 monkey tea, a carton of soy milk and two cartons of yogurt.

Later on I went to the real market to buy some veggies, fruit and tofu for dinner. Mmm. I'm hungry now.

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