Sunday, July 05, 2009

Journal: Saturday 4 July 2009

Today started with a quick breakfast at Soup Dragon. I was surprised to hear from the man who is the Heritage Watch distributor who had some things for me. He brought them right over to the Soup Dragon. Now I have business cards, applications and a sim card to use for Heritage Watch related phone calls. Yay!

Today was also the ACE teachers meeting. I attended the earlier one for new teachers since I’ve been away for awhile. Some of the things were the same, but I learned a few new things. I met the other two new teachers, sort of. One I spoke to much more than the other.

I have been scheduled for 18 teaching hours! I will be teaching 6 mornings and 5 nights. That is much more than I was expecting. Plus I may even be given some contract hours, too. I just hope I can manage it all.

Just before dinner, Da and I went on a hunt to find another cell phone to purchase for my new sim card. I'm not interested in switching out my sim cards, so a new phone was a must (sort of). After the 1st place, we settled on a decent used one for $18, and I bought a second one for Da for the same price. Not bad for a mobile phone.

Dinner with Magda at Khmer Family restaurant, owned by the Temple family of restaurants and more (Temple Club, Golden Temple Villa, Khmer Family, Khmer Tradition, Khmer Soup, etc.). Very good food. We sat upstairs on the balcony to watch the life on the streets below. Not as much traffic as during the high season, but some restaurants were fuller than others.

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