Sunday, July 12, 2009

Journal: week in review

Since I started teaching last week, I found that I had less time and energy to put into my other obligations. That will need to change as I am here for more than just teaching. I really need to nail down my research problem as well as take care of some Heritage Watch business.

I enjoy all of my classes, though it is a bit tiring to teach every morning. Getting up at 5:15 am is not that fun when I finish the night before between 8:00 - 8:30pm. That's just enough time to eat a light dinner, take a shower and get ready for bed.

Lesson planning is not complicated for me. I know what I need to prepare for my students and so I don't have to spend much time doing that.

Saturday night was a fun night. Since it hadn't rained all week, the heat was really making my room a sauna. The night air is so much cooler outside than inside. So when Da suggested driving around town, I was totally up for it.

We ended up going out to the north of town which is referred to as Pyoung You (or something like that) because it was where the South Korean city hosted an exhibition a few years ago along with Cambodia. Now it's just a bunch of open space with nice roads and lighting that becomes the place to hang out at night. There's even a sort of carnival set up with rides and games. Most people go to sit on the mats and drink or eat with friends or family.

While we were driving through the crowds, Da spotted some of his good friends. We actually passed them and continued driving, but they eventually called him and we went back to join them. It was a good thing because my backside was getting a bit sore from sitting on the bike.

The night was so lovely with a nice breeze blowing the entire time. It would have been great to just stay there all night.

When his friends finished, they decided to meet up with a couple more friends and continue the party at a small restaurant near one of their homes. We ordered a few dishes and then the beer was served. We called it quits at 11:oopm, but I'm sure that most of them would be there several more hours. Da had an early meeting the next day as a client was arriving.

I spent Sunday doing very little of anything. I read a book and watched TV. I've been reading The Life of Pi. I didn't think that I had read it before, but I got to the middle section and felt like I was reading something I had already read before. Strange. The book is not as captivating as others I've read, but it's certainly interesting.

Sunday evening was fellowhip, then we went for a drink at the local Sokimex gas station that has a small cafe inside. I was feeling up for bubble tea. It was threatening to rain the whole evening and even sprinkled a bit, but nothing really dramatic.

The drama happened early Monday morning at around midnight. The heavens opened up and it poured for nearly three hours. The sound was so loud because of the metal roof at my place. Of course, this meant fresh puddles and soft mud the next day.

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