Sunday, June 28, 2009

Journal: Sunday 28 June 2009

Slept late today and didn’t have breakfast. We decided to go to Da’s house for lunch and to spend the afternoon. We left at about 10:00am.

His mom was at a wedding to prepare the food, so the brother-in-law was making lunch for everyone. It was some sort of a soup. Da’s mom sent some bags of food from the wedding, so we had more than just the soup. One was fried beef with some onions, the other was fried pork with mushrooms.

It was hot as usual and we went back to the house to rest. Later it started to get cool and then started to rain ever so lightly. This was an unusual rain because it continued for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, and it wasn’t terribly heavy.

We took advantage of a slight break in the rain to head back to town to attend the Christian Fellowship at

4:00pm. The rain started halfway there, so we arrived a little wet. It was a good service.

Afterwards we decided to go to the Old Market to pick up some things I needed for the house: hangers, laundry soap and rugs. I also stopped at my student’s mother’s stand to pick up some more fruit, too. Tonight it was chicken egg bananas, mangosteens and custard apples. I love tropical fruit. Even the names are exotic.

In this photo (top l to r): lichee (small red bumpy), custard apple (medium green bumpy, longan (small yellowish), mangosteen (purplish/brown with white interior), rambutan (spiky), and tamarind (smooth brown snaky-looking)

Custard Apple, sweet and delicate

Mangosteen, white and slightly sweet.

Chicken Egg Banana, small and oh so sweet

We went back to the house to relax a little and put away the things. I actually washed a few things, then we headed back out to enjoy Indian food at our favorite restaurant called India Gate. The owner was really excited to see us, especially since it had been so long since I had been there. We both got Thali sets, but I got the vegetable and he got the non-vegetable. It was such a cool evening that dinner was really pleasant.

Before heading back to the house we stopped in at Zanzybar where Da’s friend Sochea is working. We had a drink and his friend Nara came, then another that I can’t remember his name.

Time for bed!

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