Thursday, June 25, 2009

Journal: Thursday 25 June 2009

Today we decided to breakfast at another location, Common Grounds Café, where we usually spend the afternoon utilizing their free WiFi. Unfortunately, today the WiFi wasn’t working so we headed over to the Singing Tree Center to try out their wireless, but that was also not working either. As it neared noon, the heat was rising and we wanted to go somewhere to use the internet, so back again to Common Grounds.

We just wiled away the afternoon on the internet. There’s really nothing much else to do as I haven’t gotten any further updates from Heritage Watch. Until then it’s chill out time. I guess I should be thinking more about my research.

Eventually the evening came and we decided to do a little souvenir shopping to find a suitable thank-you gift for our clients who will be leaving tomorrow. Off to the Angkor Night Market we went, braving the heat and humidity.

I was thinking some spices and a krama would be a nice gift. Da was thinking a wall hanging or stone rubbing would be better. Of course after wandering around and working up a sweat, we settled on a variety of Cambodian teas and coffee packaged in lovely, colorful palm leaf baskets. We found a nice little bag with Angkor Wat embroidered on it to place the teas in.

Back to the room to drop of the computers and head back out to the restaurant to pay the bill and give the clients their gift. We had a dinner of fried rice and headed back to the room.

Upon arrival there was no electricity. No electricity means no fan! That would not work, so Da suggested we go back out. Grudgingly I agreed because I’d rather have the air rushing past me on the motorbike than sitting in stagnant heat, tired as I was.

We headed through town and out to the Pyung Yi exposition grounds which has turned into a night-time picnic spot for Cambodians. There are even some carnival rides and games set up out there now.

An hour was all we needed because when we got back the electricity had come back on. Relief! A shower and bedtime for me. Tomorrow’s moving day.

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