Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Journal: Wednesday 24 June 2009

Same old breakfast at Soup Dragon. After we went to check on the room and to pay the deposit, but were surprised at the funeral set-up in the yard. Apparently the son of the old woman had died. His sister told us that he had some mental problems and had run off on Monday. They found him the day before in the Siem Reap River. Such a sad thing, but she didn’t seem sad, more relieved. Move in day will be Friday, to allow them time to hold the funeral.

We had some errands to run to take care of arrangements for our clients on a tour, then it was lunch at the friend's restaurant for Samlor Majou Groen and fried ginger with pork.

We rested a bit at the room, then I got a message from a Couchsurfer about meeting for coffee that afternoon. At a little before 3pm we arrived at Common Grounds to wait for the visitor. She was a German living and working on Penang in Malaysia, though she had just finished her job and was traveling around SE Asia before returning to Germany.

We had a great time chatting and sharing travel stories. Eventually it was getting close to dinner time so I recommended Khmer Kitchen for some good food, plus it can be cooked vegetarian for her. We walked over as Da drove. On the way I spotted a roasted banana vendor and bought some for her to try. Those are my favorite snacks and could eat them every day!

We had a great meal at Khmer Kitchen. I ordered my favorite: fried pumpkin with tofu. She got a veggie amok and really enjoyed it. Then it was time for her to go and we headed to the restaurant where the clients would be eating that night to take care of the bill.

Back to the room for a shower and time for bed. I've been an early bird lately cause it's been so hot and stuffy even with a fan. Last night was probably the worst so far. Plus, my right shoulder has been really bothering me and it makes it hard to sleep comfortably. I'm hoping the new room will have a more comfortable bed.


  1. I think I like the name "Soup Dragon". So random and confusing to imagine.

  2. Soup Dragon means fabulous soup. I have so much food envy.