Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Journal: Tuesday 23 June 2009

Same old breakfast at Soup Dragon. After we drove to look for a new room to rent. We were given a heads up that there were some possible rooms available in the Artisans Angkor area, so off we went. Drove past a place, then came back. At first the old women said that she didn’t have a key, but then she decided that there were more rooms at the back of the property and were led there by one of the current tenants.

The room is much larger than the current one with a back door to allow for a cross breeze. There’s a sick and a counter where we can cook and wash clothes. The bed is a double and the room includes a wardrobe. There are very high ceilings. I like that this is a quiet area. You could say that there’s a large garden just past the large veranda (perfect for sitting on during the evenings), but it’s really just an empty lot filled with overgrown weeds that look lush during the rainy season.

Da decided he wanted it, so he told the woman he’d be back that evening to pay the deposit.

Next was a visit to ACE to check in with the director and see what was in store for me. The familiar faces were very warm and welcoming. Savoen was still there running the office, though he now has an assistant. Steve was there to welcome me back and introduce me to Shirley, the new director. We went into her office for a quick chat. She just wanted to check on the number of hours I could work and my willingness to be flexible. She made some comment about hearing stories about me. I’m not sure if that was meant to be a threat or what. It was just a strange thing to say. I suppose she could have heard both good and bad.

Steve then took me on a tour of the new rooms in the back. There’s 3 levels of classrooms with a computer lab and learning center on the top. Now there are over 1,000 students. He shared a bit about some of the new ways of doing things that have since been instituted by Shirley, mentioning that things are more professional now. I think it will be good to be back. I hope to be a breath of fresh air to uphold whatever good things have been said about me and to put down any of the negative comments. That’s the benefit of coming in for such a short time, too.

Lunch was out at the family’s house. He had to pick up water for the clients. It was a tasty lunch of fried morning glory with pork, roasted dried & salted fish and some fried sausage (all with rice of course). A visit to the house wouldn’t be complete without saying hello to the little baby, too.

We didn’t stay too long since we had things to do in town to prepare for the clients arriving that afternoon. We headed back to the room to pick up our computers and head to Common Grounds for some internet time. At about 4pm we head to the Borei Angkor Hotel for a tour and to meet the clients. Such a beautiful hotel. The clients are friends of my friend Allen. It was a family of 5 touring SE Asia.

It didn’t rain all day, but rained at night instead.

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