Thursday, November 30, 2006

Travel log from times past

Kuala Lumpur Carrefour durians July 2006

I was cooking tofu and vegetables for lunch today on my one-burner camp stove when I was reminded of an enjoyable evening outside of Kuala Lumpur with a friend of a friend.

This friend had picked us up for an afternoon of seeing something more than just was KL urban center had to offer. We got a tour of the Carrefour department store and supermarket, then drove around the suburbs. For dinner we were given the choice of Indian or Chinese food. Since Indian food in Malaysia would probably be too spicy, we opted for Chinese food.

Kuala Lumpur Carrefour coconuts July 2006

My friend ordered for us and the dishes just started coming in Chinese tradition. Fried Frogs legs, some kind of a fish, another seafood type thing, vegetables and on. The frog's legs were different, yet had a taste I could get used to. Overall the food was really delicious though not what I normally would choose.

What we didn't know until after the meal was finished was that it was a completely vegetarian Chinese restaurant. So, it wasn't frog after all, but a soybean version. What a pleasant surprise, and yet how foolish I felt getting disgusted at the seafood and frog's legs.

I like dining experiences like that!

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