Friday, November 03, 2006

Morning bike ride

I just realized that my previous entry was on Halloween and the subject matter was rather critical. Hmmm. . . Could there be a connection?

On to brighter and more interesting things. . .

I was up at 5:00 this morning and I didn't even have to teach at 6:00 like usual. But laundry was calling. I managed two loads in my kitchen sink (I handwash all my clothes. I don't trust the laundry shop anymore.) I got it hung on the line and then went on to the next chore. . .

Shopping at the market this morning cost me 500 Riel (15 cents) to park my bike as opposed to the usual 300 Riel (5 cents), since this is Water Festival Weekend, so therefore all parking fees must increase. I picked up my vegies and beef to make myself lunch today, for a change of pace from my most recent routine of going out somewhere to eat.

I took my bag of food and popped it in my bike basket and wheeled off in the direction of the river road. The plan was to get in some pictures of the boat racing activities to take advantage of the better morning light (I'm starting to think more photographer-like). I got a usual comment from some teenage boys, "Ohh. big, big." You don't really want to know my witty comeback in Cambodian. They shut-up quick, though.

Boat races at the Siem Reap Water Festival Nov 4-5 2006

I rode around and snapped shots then pulled in to school for some work and sorting out copy requests and lesson plans for the next week since I have a whole 3 days of holiday: Saturday, Sunday AND Monday. Yippee!

I'm feeling very happy today. To top it off a friend from California showed up and I retrieved some much-longed-for red vines (the wide kind). Can you hear me smiling?

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