Saturday, November 04, 2006

A walk along the river

Boat races at the Siem Reap Water Festival Nov 4-5 2006

I've been walking along the river the past couple of mornings for some exercise. The only problem is the constant staring, and what would be considered rude comments in America (ohh, so big!), by the the Cambodians.

Most of them have come from the countryside anyway to race their boats in the competitions over the weekend. It is understood that countryside folks don't know what us foreigners look like and so we're all BIG to them.

I pretend like I am deaf and keep walking and looking elsewhere so as not to acknowledge the ignorant comments. It is for this reason that I know why I prefer to stay indoors during these festival days. Too many people, too many vehicles and too much junk!

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  1. You are lucky you are not in Phnom Penh. 1.5 million visitors in town for the water festival and only 30 extra toilets!