Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Forgotten birthday

Yesterday was a birthday that was supposed to be important, but forgotten by most. The birthday boy didn't say that it was important, merely that it was going to be his birthday. Admitedly, I forgot until 7:45pm on the birthday night, but it was too late. He already was at another person's birthday (and apparently didn't have any fun - boo hoo!).

The next day it was announced that nobody remembered his birthday and therefore he was unimportant, so he will no longer think of the 28th of November as a special day.

What is the lesson learned? Him: don't make this day special anymore. Me: Tell people when something is important to you and what they can do to make it special. Don't expect them to do your thinking for you!

If it's going to be your birthday, or any other special day, PLEASE, let me know about it and what you'd like done!

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