Friday, May 05, 2006

Village People

One of my most favorite experiences in Cambodia is dancing with the locals at their village party. Note, thre is no YMCA at this party!

Last weekend was the 2nd year I had the privilege to attend and the women were waiting for me. As soon as I pulled up on the motorbike they were pulling at my arms to join the circle of dancers. After waving them off assuring them I would soon return after parking and greeting my mother-in-law, I returned.

All had been well-soused with the local rice wine. Apparently Cambodians can't start dancing until they have had a few drinks in their system.

Nothing beats the playfulness of live music of drums, whistles and home-made rattles. I just wish I had remembered my camera. Cambodians have such a gracefulness of movement when they dance, especially women who are able to bend their hands in ways mine would never go. The men are more jumpy and love shaking their hands and bouncing all over the place. All the time people are moving in a circle around a table.

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  1. these are delightful vignettes! more more!