Thursday, May 25, 2006

Everyday Objects: the Junk "Drawer"

I'm doing a study on everyday objects in Cambodian households. Americans have a junk drawer, but Cambodian households have a junk basket.

This is an all-purpose balm. Cambodians have all sorts of little bottles and tins of things they sniff and wipe. I once read a news story about Thai nasal inhalers that are commonly used to mask the effects of pollution. Apparently this "cure" actually makes things worse for the nose.


  1. this is a good theme! I am excited to see what else you find!

  2. I think I read that same article about the sniffing sticks. When I first came to Laos I thought those things hanging out of everyone's nose was them SNIFFING GLUE. But now I am a fan of the sniffing stick when I have a sinus infection as well.

  3. Thanks! I thinks so, too. I'm adding more to it as I get the time.

  4. I agree. Good theme. More details and descrptions!

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