Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Slices in Siem Reap

Who knew the quest for pizza could be so rewarding. A year ago for fun, me and my man set off on a quest for the best pizza in Siem Reap. Friday nights were pizza nights, so we could try all the pizza joints in town. We've had a lot of pizza and I thought I found my favorite place.

But, last weekend one of my classes was doing a reading about pizza, so someone suggested having pizza in class. A different student had a friend in the pizza business, one of which I had never tried, so I went with that pizza. Wow! It was great. The best pizza this side of the Pacific. I now have a new favorite pizza restaurant in Siem Reap.

Continental Cafe by far has the best tasting pizza in Siem Reap, according to my American tastes. The crust is more American-like and less cracker-like.

A good 2nd goes to Kampuccino. They have very tasty pizzas though the crust is a bit thin and crispy.

3rd place will tie with FCC and Ecstatic Pizza. FCC tastes great and has a reasonable price considering it's in the 5-star bracket. Ecstatic is delicious simply because it's concoctions and combinations are unusual and unexpected, yet tasty. Plus they always have great service!

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