Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Corruption is Everywhere

So, you think that the good 'ol US of A is corruption free? Think again.

I was chatting with an American who's on R&R from his government/military contract job in Iraq (though he's not military). He had tons of interesting things to say and could talk forever, but the most intersting thing was what he said about the amount of money being spent every week by the US government for the war in Iraq.

Get ready for this!

The US government spends one billion dollars a week on the war in Iraq. Yes, that's $1 BILLION, not million.

His company alone charged the US government $10 billion for a year contract. And guess which Whitehouse VP benefits from that little contract?

I am no longer going to complain about Cambodia's corruption as if it's the worst in the world. At least here people are aware of it on a daily basis. Most Americans live in a dream world thinking that their country is supremely perfect and unblemished. Little do they realize that the American government has a greater stronghold on their lives than a less advanced country. Who has the freedom now?

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