Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Police

While I wish I was teaching Sting, unfortunately it's only special contract work teaching English to Siem Reap's "finest", their police.

Last term I taught a group of high level men and police commissioners. This term it's just the regular ones. But there's plenty of time for observations, like, 'Why don't the police where uniforms to work?'

There are a couple of officers I've noted for their curious appendages. One man last term had the pudgiest fingers. I would frequently find myself watching him write with his little sausages. The funniest is when he was actually using one of those pencils where the leads are re-filled by popping one out and pushing it in the end to reveal a newer, sharper lead. My kids classes all have those!

The latest note is for an officer who seems to be one of the older and more English literate. He likes to wear what look like Doc Marten boots, but they must be a kids size cause they are so tiny. I couldn't help glancing back numerous times in class today just to get a peep at his little feet.


  1. You are so weird! You should get pictures of these physical oddities! Or would that be even more strange and bad?

  2. I think the police might be offended if I'm taking pictures of their appendages. What's so weird? They're just observations! : )