Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What would Jesus bomb?

This was on the T-shirt of one of the characters in the final episode of "Six Feet Under", an HBO series. I was watching it in a Bangkok guesthouse with a couple of Aussies who were waiting to go home after 6 months of travelling around Asia and Europe. When we saw the T-shirt we all had the same reaction of awe and humor.

She even wanted to go so far as to have some printed to take back home to friends.

What ever could that shirt mean? There are some interesting implications that need pondering. I think it's rather poignant considering Jesus did tear through a synagogue that was being used for profit and personal gain rather than for worship.

If Jesus were alive today, would he bomb certain countries that were hypocritical and living double standards?

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  1. what flight are you coming on! call me!