Friday, December 22, 2006

Re-entry shock: Episode 2-food

Staying with Camille is always a treat for victuals. We are kindred cooking spirits and we always manage to eat very well when we're together. Those who join us also reap the benefits of our gastronomic adventures.

Wednesday was the arrival and we began the evening with pumpkin and cheese tamales. Anything Mexican always hits the spot for me since that is one thing that is not really offered properly in Siem Reap. Although I must admit that Jim's California 2 fish tacos are the best thing on that side of the Pacific after Ensenada street vendors.

Thursday it was homemade salsa (with an /s/ not /z/ sound) and pumpkin tamales. Dinner was more salsa and baked delicata squash washed down with a pumpkin ale. And, lots of tea.

Friday it was a morning of omelets with chard and salsa, then lunch was a very filling Sri Lankan meal complete with a Sri Lankan coffee with milk. Ginger rice with cauliflower and cashews, chard and grated coconut plus chutney and a lovely paan bread with a garlic butter dipping sauce. So tasty!

In the evening we enjoyed a lovely party with lots of party snacks. I baked a non-traditional banana bread with flaxseeds and blueberries. Unfortunately the bread did not cook completely and was left with a huge sink hole of uncooked mush. What to do but fill it with pudding! Yippee. Maybe an unusual combination, but it worked and was a hit.


  1. good thing you got the pronunciation of "salsa" right. The next lesson, "spanicopita."

    spa (as in the hot-tub)
    ni (as in the Knights Who Say Ni!)
    CO (gets the accent)
    pita (like the bread, its Greek for "pie")

    next time you come over, we will make some.

  2. I'm glad you made the salsa pronoucer as well. My dad gives it a very heavy "Z" and it drives me nuts. It sounds like "SALLLZZA"

  3. That pronunciation treat is and ode to Caballero who I have yet to meet. Oh, there's always next year!