Monday, December 04, 2006

Baking up a storm

Pumpkin Treats 3 December 2006

It’s hard to believe it’s now December. I’ve spent a lovely Sunday morning baking pumpkin treats: some pumpkin loaf cakes and a square pumpkin pie. Apparently my first round of baked goods went over so well, that people were making requests for more. Since I had leftover flour, sugar and other spices I figured that I might as well go ahead and do it.

All it took was buying pumpkins: 2 for $1.75, which was more than enough for 5 pumpkin bread loaves and the 8” square pie. I borrowed my neighbors baking oven that has a thermostat. My little toaster oven is only good for toasting. I can use it to toast up my pumpkin seeds, and this time I’ll make sure to watch them more closely to avoid charring them like last time.

We’ve had some overcast skies due to the typhoon that hit the Philippines and it even rained. Rain is rare at this time of year since the dry season began officially in November during the Water Festival. It’s very refreshing. Not only that, but my potted palms and other plants are happy to have rain to water them.

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