Tuesday, August 29, 2006


It has been said that Biddison women are tenacious. I am also aware that I that I take after my dad in my lack of tactfulness. This gets me in trouble.

I made a comment to a teaching colleague in regards to him having no problems in getting what schedule he wants for the next term. My method of announcing this was possibly critical in tone. Now he's a very friendly and reasonable guy, so I hope it's not held against me, or worse yet, gossipped about to others in order to point out how negative I am.

The cause for this was my own feelings of inadequacy regarding my own teaching status. I have been feeling very "at risk" in my situation, and quite possibly reading more into the non-verbal communication than is really there. I could also be creating a non-existent problem by my own runaway imagination.

The result is that I need to apologize in order to mend any possible fracture, whether or not what I said was taken inappropriately or not.

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