Monday, August 28, 2006

Another rainy season day

I'm sitting here playing around in the internet cafe. I spent nearly 2 hours chatting with my mom on the internet phone. It's funny, cause sometimes we're lucky to keep talking for 30 minutes. This time we both had lots to share with each other.

The rain's come early today as it's poured twice in the over 2 hours that I've been here. Usually the rain is in the afternoon or evening. I don't mind, cause I really like the rain, unless I have to go somewhere in it.

My police class that I teach 3 days a week has been so sketchy cause they're such busy men, being the department chiefs and commissioners and all. Now I just got notice that they'll be out for a week due to the vice Prime Minister coming in to town. The last two weeks it was the king, or some royal.

The school term's been going well. After two complaints, I feel like I'm on a thin line and if anything goes wrong I'll be out for good. A swift boot kick out the door and "have a nice life!" There's no job security being a sessional teacher. But a contract is nearly impossible to get, plus you lose out on any possibility of free time cause you're chained to the school. Darned if you do, darned if you don't.

I'm content, though not enough to make me sit idle. I know that I must improve or at least show that I am worthy of remaining a teacher in the eyes of the students AND management. Basically this means: keep ur trap shut and eyes on the prize. A difficult thing for one who likes to ask about all sorts of things. Curiosity could very well maim this cat.

I may not be a "natural" teacher, but I think I have the potential to be a very good teacher if my style were more accepted rather than trying to fit me into a shoebox typecast "perfect teacher". I don't think I can ever be the perfect teacher because I get too involved in my students and the issues. I am too honest and realistic, so I find it difficult to sugarcoat anything.

Besides, what else can I do? I have tried running away from teaching, but am strangely drawn back to it like a rubber band. Why won't my rubber band snap?

I am one darn good organizer that's for sure! I think I am more suited to administrative type work where organization, filing and linear order is preferred to establishing and developing relationships with groups which requires emotional sensitivity.

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