Thursday, August 10, 2006

Now entering the modern world

I broke down today and bought a DVD/VCD/MPC/CD player. I have had this inner debate going for more than 3 years now: to buy or not to buy.

-I'll have to continually buy DVDS, etc.
-The TV provides enough entertainment.
-There are other things to do than just sit and watch a movie.
-I don't want to support the pirating industry.

-Now I can watch those Seinfeld DVDs I bought to show in my Diploma Course.
-People will no longer respond: "You don't have a DVD player!?"
-I can load up on cheap pirated flicks. (Hey, everybody else's doing it!)

What's next?
I suppose it's going to be a fridge. The excuse here is that it will use up too much electricity, plus I don't really keep that much food on hand to limit my constant foraging.

Current Modernity Index
-an iron + ironing board
-laptop + handy dandy neopreme carrying case
-electric water pot
-digital camera
-portable CD player with mini speakers
-a couple of flash drives
-flashlights (most Cambodians still use wimpy candles when the electricity goes out)
-a mobile phone


  1. You are very modern these days. When we moved to our new house my modernity index went off the charts because the house came with it's own fridge and now we have TWO refrigerators, 2 hot water pots (house came with one of those too), a juicer, tv, dvd player, laptop, portable hard drive, and microwave. We don't officially have a flashlight but Jonas has a curious george one that will do in a pinch.
    We don't have a VCR but I feel we can survive. We also don't have a tape player but can play CD's on the computer.
    My next appliance will be my blender from America. I am bringing it back with me this time.

  2. Are you really going to risk your blender even with the difference in voltage. I heard some folks lose some great blenders that way. Why not just pick one up in Thailand?

  3. I am going to use a converter. I had one from Thailand but it was lame and wouldn't even crush ice well.

  4. p.s. we have used our American shaver/hair cut shears with success in Laos (with a converter). And have some M. aquaintances in Thailand who are raw foodists and have an expensive American blender. That gives me confidence.