Monday, March 23, 2009

An Ironic Twist of Fate

U.S. Deportee Brings Street Dance to Street Boys of Cambodia

Tuy Sobil, or K.K., a former gang member from Long Beach, Calif., founded the club after being deported in 2004.

While this is an old article from November 2008, it's relevance remains. Nothing is more exciting than to read about someone who could have fallen by the wayside, but chooses to give back rather than give up.

It may be the only place in Cambodia where the children are nicknamed Homey, Frog, Floater, Fresh, Bugs and Diamond.

And there are not many places like this small courtyard, thumping with the beat of a boom box, where dozens of boys in big T-shirts are spinning on their heads and doing one-hand hops, elbow tracks, flairs, halos, air tracks and windmills. And, of course, krumping.
It is a little slice of Long Beach, Calif., brought here by a former gang member . . .

Read the rest of the article here.

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