Friday, November 12, 2010

Bloggers United: November Challenge Week 2


Oh dear! You're on death row! (don't worry....... you're totally not guilty and the governor is going to call to stop it before it happens). What is your last ever meal and why?

I would ask for a roasted turkey dinner with all the trimmings that was prepared by my mom:

  • cornbread stuffing

  • honey cinnamon yams

  • mashed potatoes & gravy

  • homemade dinner rolls

  • broccoli & cauliflower with melted cheese

  • pumpkin pie

  • apple pie

There's not much better than that, except maybe really good chocolate mousse.

If she's not availabe to cook a turkey dinner, I'd ask for BBQ'd chicken from F. McLintock's in Shell Beach, California. The local saloon in my town offers a Tuesday special of a 1/2 chicken with your choice of BBQ or pineapple sauce with cheese bread and your choice of fries or a baked potatoe. The dinner used to come with their famous ranch beans and a side salad, but now that's extra.

Dessert would have to be either Doc Burnstein's ice cream (which is a reincarnation of the original Burnadoz Ice Cream Parlor) for a drumstick, or a pink champagne cake from Madonna Inn.

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