Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bloggers United Challenge: Week 3

The Challenge

What's inside your handbag? You can tell a lot about a person by what they carry around with them everyday. What's in yours and why? (photos are always welcome)

I once sat next to a man who exclaimed, "Wow! You have such a small purse!" This is true. I don't like to carry around big bags and have them filled with everything under the sun. Generally my purse has the basics. This is what's currently in my purse:
  • a small zippered wallet with card slot because a larger wallet is just too cumbersome
  • 2 pens (free from an agricultural company) that write fantastically
  • 1 mechanical pencil (from where I'm working) because you never know when you need to write in pencil
  • sunglasses in their soft case are a must for going out into the sun and driving
  • car & house keys
  • a small zippered bag that contains chapstick, gum, toothpicks, tissues, lotion, nail file and eye drops; one must always be prepared.
  • a notepad to write down my thoughts, reminders and other lists
  • a few coupons for local restaurants
  • a Tupperware container with chili & lime almonds and a another with chocolate almonds because I like to make sure I have snacks
  • my cell phone (on vibrate), otherwise it's in my pocket
  • a few postcards to write out and send for Swap-Bot swaps
  • my friend's newsletter from China for me to read while I'm waiting for something. It's 11, single-spaced pages long!

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