Thursday, October 21, 2010

Statistics needed for good planning

When most people hear the word statistics they might moan. I usually do, too. But proper data collection allows for more accurate statistical analysis. All of which add up to more well-informed public policies. I didn't spend 2 years in a public policy master's program for nothin'!

So it is no surprise to me that the country director of Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency said “Statistics have to be correct, unbiased and reliable.” Well, duh! I guess Cambodia's embarking on this quest. Good luck.

Thursday, 21 October 2010
By Rann Reuy

THE Kingdom’s first enterprise census, slated for 2010, will provide crucial information to develop effective national policies, according to Minister of Planning Chhan Thorn.

The survey is to be conducted from March 1 to 30 next year, but the exercise will only be productive if the results are put to good use, he said yesterday at a workshop marking Cambodia’s participation in the first World Statistics Day.

Funded largely by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the census aimed to gather concrete business-related information to help foreign investment and organise national-level business strategy, ministry officials have said.

Eva Asplund, country director of Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency said statistics were important in assisting the private sector in business decisions, as well as for researchers, academics and legislators to have firm foundations to develop public policy.

“Statistics have to be correct, unbiased and reliable,” she said at the workshop yesterday.

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