Sunday, September 21, 2008

Polo anyone?

For the past month I have been enjoying a sort of new game called Polo (no connection to the one where you must mount a horse, or elephant, and swing a really long mallet).

This game of Polo involves a telephone, and occasional face to face contact. Currently, I leave messages and then wait to be called back. While other times the calls are initiated by the other player. I was slightly chastised int he past for making the other player do all the calling, so now I must make a call every so often to demonstrate that I can play fairly, too.

Ideally this game should involve some travel as well. Each side must take turns to visit the other's hometown. I am currently waiting for a return visit. Until then, phone calls must suffice to update each player on current status: well-being, education, work, etc. With tricky school and work schedules neither of us can do much traveling at the moment.

My most recent call was on Saturday. It was nice to hear a happy sound compared to the previous call full of meloncholy.

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