Monday, January 15, 2007

Locks of love: 10 inches shed instantly

Well, I can't wait to post a photo cause I'm sure it'll shock a few people. Though I've had nothing but gratuitous comments from my Cambodian students. Being adored is always fulfilling.

"Oh, teacher. You are beauty!"

"Teacher you look very pretty!"

On and on they effuse.

In case you're still wondering what's all the fuss. I got my hair cut. Whoop-di-doo-dah, you say? Well I spent more than 4 years growing my mane, and I had lots of golden locks to spare. Originally I was thinking of just a trim, but somehow I was inspired by k.d. lang's very short cut and the trimming started.

I'm always taken aback by hairdresser's going gaga over my hair. They love it! I guess cause it's so natural: meaning I use absolutely no products on my hair to hold it or artificially change it's color to be more "natural". Plus, it is thick and has it's own natural wavy curl. Sorry guys, I'm taken :()

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  1. Pictures?? Where's the picture?? I'd love to see this new look!