Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Crotch Pot Cooking: A Weather Update

For those who've seen "Good Morning, Vietnam" that was probably my favorite line in the entire movie. For some reason the thought of crotch pot cooking struck me as humorous way back then.

Now, it's a reality and I can truly understand it. It's been so hot lately, which means we're due for rain. In fact, the rain started this afternoon. It reminds me of California's Central Coast where I grew up. We'd get a few sunny days followed by the inevitable fog. It's the whole warm up, cool down cycle.

Here's to refreshing showers for those crotch pot cooking days!


  1. Yes, I will agree, the hottest I have ever been in my life was touring Siem Reap in April.
    I didn't know that a hot Ankor Wat could actually burn one's palms when climbing.

  2. We're having those days right now on the central coast, warm days followed by fog and drippy