Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Bald Pianist

I had the pleasure of attending a lovely Jazz piano concert for FREE at one of the local 5-star hotels. The man was bald. I only point this out because of certain friends who have drooling fascinations with the hairless type and so now have me scouting out for chrome domes.

Bald head count= 3 (1, the pianist and the other 2, in the audience)

It was amazing how 90 minutes can fly by and still want more good music. There is such a lack of this kind of cultural experiences in this town because Cambodian ideas of good music is their own knock-offs of either Thai or Chinese songs re-written into Khmer. It all sounds the same.

I love listening to Jazz because it's almost like a game to try and guess where all the bits and pieces are taken from. There's always a few notes thrown in from a variety of other musicians and songs and it's so thrilling to hear them. They're like little musical surprises every time.