Monday, January 02, 2006

snappin' with the Advantix

snappin' with the Advantix
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Hanging around my aunt's chillin trailor park waiting for my mom to arrive to pick me up. No, I'm not underage, just an ex-patriot who didn't have my own car at the time.

The lady in red was snappin off pics of the landscape, especially the seasonal objects in the background. I think half of them were cookie jars. And, low and behold, upon inspection this was found to be conclusive.

Note the artsy shirt.


  1. Quel Ego Boost! I am gracing your first page! I have no idea when those pics shall be developed

  2. egad! I look SOO trailer park, too. With the sleeveless shirt and the tan lines. and the pudgy upper arms

  3. Pondering the expansiveness of American waistlines, including my own, I began wondering why it is that poor Americans are fatter than unpoor Americans. I thought about this because in Asia, largeness of girth is associated with wealth. Thinness is associated with poverty.

    There are numerous factors causing this wide difference.

    1. Poor Americans eat poor food. This means inexpensive, processed fast food. Check out where they shop in a grocery store: in the middle or around the edges.

    2. Poor Cambodians eat poorly, too, but it's more of a reduction in calorie intake and ability to get all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

    3. Poor Americans don't move around. They hop in their cars to change spots in a parking lot in order to be closer to the next block store's entrance. Rich Americans can afford to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer.

    3. Poor Cambodians are always on the move since most live in the countryside, they must work hard all day just to survive. For example, find firewood, cut firewood, haul water from a well, carry the water to the house, move the cow to greener pastures, etc. This in turn means a higher energy output than input which keeps them slim.

    Those are the two main areas that I intitially came up with. There are plenty more reasons.

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