Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hometown Return

Finally I'm back in the house where I grew up.

After nearly 3 weeks in country and not being "home" it's nice to be back, yet it isn't really home anymore. My stuff is still here, but there's lots of new stuff, too. It's like I'm only a visitor, which I really am now.

Who knew it would be like this?

Now it's on to visiting friends I haven't seen in ages and appointments and organizing my stuff for the return to Siem Reap. How will I ever fit all my things into my suitcases and make the airline weight requirements?

With one week to go before the long flight back, it's a little daunting imagining what I need to do.

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and then lunch with the office ladies.

Next week will be eyes and basic check-up.


  1. how did the dental visit go?

  2. No cavities, as usual! And the dentist commented on my toothpick use cause he noticed that I'm using toothpicks to prevent plaque build-up. He had told me to do this since I'm living in Asia and toothpicks are so readily available in restaurants. Now I have my own toothpick holder in my house.