Wednesday, February 03, 2010

IRI Releases Latest Survey of Cambodian Public Opinion

Some interesting results from this survey. But, how will they be acted upon? Meaning, what sort of policy implications are there? A few things need to be clarified such as:
  • What is the definition of the "right direction" and the "wrong direction"?
All in all, it seems to show a more positive response, which is good, since constructive development and improvement can only happen when the people "buy in" to what is being "sold."

Another area of interest is the people's responses to the economic questions and infrastructure questions.

February 2, 2010

Phnom Penh, Cambodia –
The International Republican Institute (IRI) released a survey of Cambodian public opinion. The poll, conducted July 31-August 26 2009, covers general attitudes toward the direction of the country, the economy, communication from political parties, government services and the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Opinions of Muslims, particularly regarding integration with Cambodian society, were also solicited separately.
The randomly selected general sample consists of 1,600 adult men and women, representative of the Cambodian population 18 or older by gender. The general sample was drawn from all 24 provinces and municipalities with a margin of error for the national sample of ± 2.5 percent and an 86 percent response rate. The randomly selected Muslim sample consists of 400 adult men and women 18 or older. The Muslim sample had a margin of error of ± five percent and an 85 percent response rate.
The poll was funded by the United States Agency for International Development and conducted by The Center for Advanced Studies.

Click here to read the survey result (PDF)


  1. I do not accept the research methodology of IRI latest survey work in Cambodia. It is not a well-researched paper - by methodology.
    My suggestion: they should have interviewed mature people, knowledgeable people who are able to analyze what they see - not just show their opinions out of mouth to the questions.

  2. HI hean. Thank you for your opinion. However, I think for this research purpose, it was necessary. Every person is entitled to their opinions, and Cambodians should be allowed to be asked it no matter who or where they're from.