Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fake French "Evian" in Cambodia

Yet another reason not to pay too much for your bottled water in Cambodia.

Just another way to make a "buck."

Many stores and restaurants in Cambodia are selling and serving fake "Evian", the famous mineral water supposedly imported from France . The "Evian" bottles in question are actually filled in Cambodia with a locally- produced water whose composition is not the same as the French natural mineral water from the Alps mountains. While a large number of poor Cambodians are starving and most children in the countryside are underfed, it's very fashionable for the privileged few in this country to drink costly bottled mineral water imported from as far as Europe .

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  1. I have been drinking Evian for years and I know the taste of it exactly.
    On my recent trip to Laos I bought Evian in local small supermarkets.
    I was shocked when I took a sip. It was plain drinking water!!
    It was definitely NOT Evian!
    I compared bottles to one which I had from Bangkok.. It was 100% identical!
    To me, it means one thing:
    Some company has copied the bottle design and filling it with local water... Or, the Asian distributor is doing something shady on the side (as they have access to products and distribution channels).
    I never experienced this in Thailand,, only in Laos.