Monday, May 25, 2009

Mystic Wonder and Prill Beads

I am totally amazed by all of the products on the Mystic Wonders Inc site. From the laundry Wonder Ball to the Prill Beads, it all amazes me.

The Wonder Ball and Wonder Dryer Balls are a really cool laundering concept that is environmentally and financially friendly. Here's was the site says about them:

A laundry aid & chemical free cleaner

Simply throw the laundry ball in your washing machine, allowing you to use less laundry detergent or none at all along with this laundry aid, you be the judge.

The Prill Beads are even more exciting. This is what the site says they do:

When Prill beads are placed in a gallon of yucky tap water... in 24 hours, that water is transformed into pristine water that is free of chlorine and most contaminants are neutralized. After 1 hour you can draw off and use 3 quarts, and by adding three quarts of tap water to the remaining quart you can then draw off 3 quarts of pure water every hour for the rest of your life!!

These could really come in handy in Cambodia to start cleaning up the water sources over there. I need myself a bag or two to get started.
Mom Most Traveled is having a giveaway for the Complete Laundry System. Plus there's tons of other giveaways, great stories and timely advice, too.

Get yourself over to either of those places and check them out!

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  1. I thought the same thing about bringing Prill Beads to Laos. Wouldn't it be amazing if the black sludgey water in the gutter turned clear?