Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Best Office Gadget Ever Award

And the winner is....

This particular kind of staple remover is my office best friend.

I received one of these years ago from a business fair as a promo item and have loved it ever since. I even took it to Cambodia with me because those other "claw" removers just don't do the job right.

Recently I've been doing some office work that requires removing lots of staples and started using the claw kind until a fellow office mate provided me a Swingline remover.

Unfortunately it just didn't do the job right either.

So when I happened to be volunteering at a Baby Boomer Expo the other weekend scanning the different books, my eyes glommed onto the prize. It was one of the fantastic "freebie" promo staple removers.

I think the vendor thought I was a little nutso for being so excited over such a small office gadget. He just doesn't realize how magnificent those little tools are when one is dealing with staples.

For me, the promotional staple remover is

the Best Office Gadget Ever!

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