Friday, February 08, 2008

Back in the Heat (and LOVING IT!!!)

What fun it is to be back in the 'ol stomping grounds again. Though this time I am not required to do a single thing but enjoy the sights and sounds, and smells (but that is more like disgust).

Greeted by family upon arrival as my surprise, I was sweeped away to the brother's apartment for rest and relaxation. I was still trying to shake a cold the came on two days before departure so I wasn't feeling the best. It was a combination of a head cold and jet lag that made me feel uneasy. I still managed to go out on the town (more like the big mall). We had pizza (The first time for the parents. Watching them trying to figure how to use a fork and knife to cut and eat pizza was novel.) I was definitely happy to have some homemade Cambodian food. I certainly missed it.

After a lovely afternoon, evening and morning in Phnom Penh with the family, it was back to Siem Reap on the long bus ride. We arrived in the evening and after waiting for another brother to pick us up, I was escorted to the place where I'd be staying. My first night we had pork chops. Oh, those wonderful pork chops at What Bo? Cafe. I love 'em!

Now I'm getting settled and riding my bike around town for errands and such. It's almost as if time didn't stop, except for the fact that there are more businesses, buildings and cars on the road.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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