Thursday, July 20, 2006

Near Monkey Attack

So the menacing monkey appeared again on my roof near the mango tree. He was banging away on my kitchen roof when I decided to climb the stairs outside to get a better look and confirm my suspicions.

Ah, yes. There he was, squatting on my roof looking for another place to terrorize. He caught my eye and gave me the monkey face for stay back: opening his mouth and showing me his teeth. (Thank you Jeff Corwin for your experiences on Animal Planet.)

I stared back thinking, "I'm the bigger animal." Not good. He scurried forward to my horror. I scooted as nimbly as a person can down a unevenly tiled staircase as he came leaping at me. My scream drew the attention of my Pilippino neighbor who asked what was wrong.

"Close the windows and doors! There's a monkey afoot!"

Thankfully I survived with no bites or scratches. The monkey climbed up to the second story house for more mayhem I suppose.

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